Fredie was born in France and moved to Cape Town South Africa with her parents many years ago where she discovered the natural wonder of the ocean, and only 10 years ago, the wild side of the African bushveld, and immediately fell in love – all over again. Africa has a way of seducing one like that. She has since travelled extensively through sub Saharan Africa exploring, learning and intensifying that relationship with Mama Africa.

Fredie has spent the past 17 years in the tourism and hospitality industry making peoples holiday dreams come true by being involved with everything, from first contact to securing the right destination and accommodation, while delivering first class friendly service.

Stephen is Overland 360’s general manager. He has had a passion for the wild side of Africa for many years. As a keen traveler has he had the opportunity to drive to the most wonderful places in southern Africa. He believes that the closer you get to nature the closer you get to your soul.